Women: why do you moan during sex?

Answer I moan because my husband likes it. I don't have to. Matter of fact, I'd probably be more comfortable silent. But the more HE likes it, the better job he does, so I'm happy to make some noise if... Read More »

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Why won't my bf moan during sex?

Alot of men actually see moaning as feminine or think that a girl might think it's weird, it's not unusual and you're not doing anything wrong.Just ask him about it, and tell him you'd like it if h... Read More »

Are girls SUPPOSED to moan during vaginal penetration help!?

They probably expect you to moan because of all the hype and expectation they've made for themselves by watching porn. No your not 'supposed to moan' If you do it should happen naturally when you o... Read More »

How come guys dont scream and moan really during sexual intercourse?

they just don't want us to know they're enjoying it. It makes them feel like they're in control of the situation...(but we all know that's not true.)

Does it help at all to moan during masturbating in the showerOther good ways to masturbate?

Moaning? I don't don't know if it'll help you... but it'll certainly make your neighbors day.