Women only please, is this normal?

Answer The intelligence, compassion and maturity of the answers to this question have just lifted my spirits and restored my faith in humanity (at least for today!). I agree with the others here - the cr... Read More »

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What should be the Normal range of ESR in women at 28 yrs?

What is Normal Cholesterol for Women?

The American Heart Association identifies cardiovascular disease as the leading killer of women. High cholesterol levels contribute to heart disease, so it is important for women to control their c... Read More »

Normal Hair Loss in Women?

Women are understandably troubled by any type of hair loss. Without knowing the cause, women will try anything to stop hair loss and reverse it. Women will go through periods where hair loss is to... Read More »

What is a normal estradiol level for women?

Estradiol is an important hormone in the human body, especially in females. A blood test can determine the levels present in the body. A premenopausal woman will have a normal range of 30 to 400 pi... Read More »