Women only please!?

Answer I was 15 it was actually the first day of hight school!!! Be glad you haven't gotten it yet. I hate having mine.

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WOMEN ONLY PLEASE!!!! This question will only anger the men?

Yeah, you're right. And to those who said sperm would run out, it wouldn't because we would continue to have male children. Of course the question is what to do with them. Maybe then, since we woul... Read More »

Women only please, is this normal?

The intelligence, compassion and maturity of the answers to this question have just lifted my spirits and restored my faith in humanity (at least for today!). I agree with the others here - the cr... Read More »

Women only please: Does (a)nal sex really feel good...honestly?

Well, I've tried it a couple of times, and whether or not it feels good depends on a lot of things. The first thing is that the woman has to be totally relaxed. Second, lube, lube, lube...did I say... Read More »

Do women shave their armpits and legs girl and women only!!!?

Yes, girls and women do. Men only shave their legs if they are swimmers otherwise u leave the hair. armpits are about everyday,legs skip a day and then shave them or shave them everyday.