Women: have you grown since you were 16?

Answer If you've already gone through your growth spurt--girls generally stop growing at that age, or your body starts to slow down quite a bit. So you may still grow, but only slightly. I know many girls... Read More »

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I have grown since I was 12 (Girl)?

You are a girl and your name is Mason?!! Back to your don't stop growing until they are 20-23 years old. You still have a few growth spurts to go through before you are grown. Do... Read More »

I feel like I have grown into a better AP since being on the Adoption forum. Have you?

Dear Just a Mom,I have definitely grown as a person and an adoptive mother since finding this forum. There are so many things to list.---Hearing the voices of grown adoptees is just priceless.---T... Read More »

If you are a 16-year-old female and 5 feet tall will you have another growth spurt if you have not grown much since age 12?

Answer It depends if you have had your period yet and if you have you will not. PhD Dr. Grace Faber

Do men have commas since women have periods?

nope we just get hornier the longer we dont have sex.