Women- does the size of the ship matter or it is the motion in the ocean ?

Answer Motion in the ocean plays better role than size of the ship.Size doesn't matter and I'm a male telling you this from the opinion of female. The point is if you have a huge ship and you don't know h... Read More »

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Ocean Motion for Science Projects?

If you're a budding oceanographer, you're probably looking for a science project that fits your passion for the oceans. One basic aspect of the ocean is its two types of movement: currents and tide... Read More »

What is the title of the song that has the lyrics you're moving in slow motion the water's clear trees sparkle on the ocean as you disappear?

Deadliest Catch season 6 trailer soundtrack It's called "Speed of Light" by Matthew Corbett and Mike Wilkie

Does size really matter?

A larger dish provides a stronger signal from the satellite, especially during very bad weather, and it also means more stability and less interference from adjacent satellites. If bigger was not ... Read More »

Does really size matter?

You're just fine. A woman's pleasure spot, the clitoris, is right out front, and it doesn't take more than an inch to stimulate it. It's much more about how you use it, than how big it is.