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Answer grap a pencil, insert it in his rectum, twirl twirl twirl, ths is how to manually retract itIn this day and age, few people remember the analog ways

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You could just be ovulating your body does that when you're highest in fertility. It's normal unless it continues everyday then you should see your gyno.Good luck

Why Do I Have High Blood Pressure Im Only 13 :/ Best Answer 10 Points!!!?

Your problem is, you like your soft drinks too much and this is the cause of your high blood pressure - you're dehydrated. Start drinking only water and your blood pressure will drop back to normal... Read More »

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don't be afraid to smile but if you really don't want to just smile without showing your teeth,as for your hair it should be worn down but out of your face like a half up half down kinda thingyou c... Read More »

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got to ur email, hit compose, click on add attachment and click browse find your document if you saved it then email it back