Women, I have a question about men using sent products.?

Answer In-between manly and clean i think would be he the best imo :3 and no i don't mean sweet *rolls eyes* XD

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I'm using dual monitors and have a question about full-screen.?

Make sure you you are using the video card manufacturer's drivers. It could be that your cards can't handle the monitors.


If you're doing it machine gun style, you can make it rapid-fire.

Quick question about hair styling products?

Mousse would be a better choice for a softer wavy look. Scrunching gel seems to look too hard. If you do use the gel.... do it first.

How to Have Proof for Sent Email Using

Post Office certified mail gives you legal proof that you sent a letter to someone. But what if you only have their email address or you do not want to spend the money or travel to the Post Office?