Woman love hard or soft?

Answer same womans love soft end some woman love hard

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How to Remove a Hard Top for a Soft Top?

The Jeep Wrangler can be equipped with either a hard or soft convertible top. The hardtop is best for protection from the elements and quiets road noise. The soft top is a Jeep Wrangler staple and ... Read More »

Is urethane hard or soft?

When ground from its crystal form, urethane---a derivative of carbamic acid---is a soft, powdery substance formerly used for medicinal purposes until it was deemed toxic to humans and animals. Comm... Read More »

Definition of Hard and Soft Palates?

The palate is the roof of the mouth, according to, an on-demand educational resource site. The hard palate is formed by two types of bones, whereas the soft palate lies behind the hard... Read More »

Soft Vs. Hard Roof Carriers?

A rooftop carrier is one way to add more storage space to a vehicle. Rooftop carriers are available in various models with both hard and soft shells and each offers advantages and disadvantages for... Read More »