Wolves & the Endangered Species Act?

Answer Wolves once lived throughout the United States, but their numbers were significantly reduced by the mid 1930s due to conflicts with humans. Wolves are federally protected under the Endangered Speci... Read More »

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Are wolves on the endangered species list?

The are two species of wolves on the United States endangered species list as of 2011. The red wolf, scientifically named canis rufus, is one of the most endangered species in the U.S. The gray wol... Read More »

Endangered Populations & Species of Gray Wolves?

Wolves are the largest members of the canine family; the most widespread land mammals and ancestors of the domestic dog. Of the four species, the North American Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) --- aka the ... Read More »

How to Save Endangered Red Wolves?

Red wolves are related to the more common gray wolf, but are smaller and colored with a reddish hue. The red wolf is currently endangered, as it was hunted to the point of near-extinction. Red wolv... Read More »

Reasons Why Arabian Wolves Are Endangered?

The Arabian wolf is the smallest wolf in the world. Arabian wolves only weigh about 40 lbs. and stand 26 inches high at the shoulder. The Arabian wolf only joins a pack for the duration of the mati... Read More »