Woke Up With a Swollen Lip?

Answer You could have been bitten by something in the night, or it's just a pimple. It maybe could even be an allergic reaction to something

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I woke up and my eyelid was really swollen and my eye is bloodshot?

You may have a stye. Get a sterile patch for over your eye and see a doctor if the swelling doesn't go down. Is your eye itchy? Is it crusty like pink eye? Really should go to the doctor Zach and g... Read More »

I got stung by a bee yesterday n i woke up these morning n it was swollen n warmer the my others, wht do I do?

You had an allergic reaction, drink some benadryl first off. Second of all, you might want to put some ointment on the sting to kill any germs which might be lurking. Finally, if you so choose; see... Read More »

I woke up with a scratch on my arm?

Dont listen to that ghost crapp.!!!Even if you didnt think you had a dream, you probably did. That happens to everyone!= ).. dont worry, unless it happens again: then see a doctor because maybe its... Read More »

I woke up with a sore how to help it?

Is it bacterial or viral? An antibiotic from the MD or OTC antiviral, like Cold-eze or that stuff you apply with the enclosed nasal Q-tip (be careful). Vick's under your nose, on your neck area o... Read More »