Wnat does the 'XP' in Windows XP stand for?

Answer eXPerience, as in 'the Windows Experience'.

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In windows xp what does xp stand for homework help?

Xtra price for more of the same thing you had in the last issue. Rearange a few things to make it prettier and add a few drivers that you can get free from the internet and up the price is about all.

What does x64 stand for in Windows Office Professional?

If a version of Windows Office Professional has "x64," it means that version is made for a 64-bit system. A 64-bit system uses both a 64-bit processor (CPU's) and a 64-bit operating system.Referen... Read More »

I wnat to know the caller of Phone No:-(870)4687944?

It's R*** from Jonesboro, United States.

Does Windows 8 have Windows XP Mode like Windows 7?

Not sure but I doubt it! XP will no longer be supported at the end of the year 2012!