Witnesses for a Living Will?

Answer A living will is a legal document that allows you to express your intentions and wishes to your doctors and family if you become mentally incompetent or otherwise incapacitated. When creating a liv... Read More »

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Use of Expert Witnesses?

Expert witnesses in a courtroom typically testify as to their opinions based on observations of the facts in the case. Each jurisdiction has specialized rules for expert witnesses; those with speci... Read More »

How to Have Jehovah's Witnesses Go Away?

Jehovah's Witnesses sincerely believe that we are living in the last days, most people are trapped in false religion, and it is their commission to preach the good news of God's Kingdom that will s... Read More »

How to Become one of Jehovah's Witnesses?

An invitation to All"What does the Bible really Teach"Every year thousands of individuals identify themselves as one of Jehovah's Witnesses through a process of dedication and baptism. Most are chi... Read More »

How to Understand Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jehovah's Witnesses are well known for their public door-to-door ministry. Jehovah's Witnesses are a Christian denomination, yet several of their beliefs and practices are unique. If you have frien... Read More »