Without medicines how can i unblock my nose so i can sleep better 2nite?

Answer Don't laugh at this, but my brother in law told me this. You boil some water, and add a very strong onion, you take it off the stove, and let it cool for a few mins, then put a towel over your head... Read More »

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How can I unblock my stuffy nose without going to the chemist?

pick itor chew on some chili (works for me ever time).

Is it better for women to sleep with or without wearing a bra?

Without, for sure. Even if you have large breasts. They don't actually "need support" until you've gotten them used to wearing a bra. Like other parts of your body, your breasts actually have li... Read More »

Does anyone have any ideas for better sleep without taking sleeping pills?

I was cruelly deprived of sleep over long periods during my childhood and late teens, so I've had insomnia off an on throughout my life and had to learn a lot about this.Even if you have insomnia a... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Nausea (Without Medicines)?

Everyone comes to a point in life when you are going to deal with nausea which all day you feel horrible and can't throw up. Well there is a way to get rid of nausea just by putting your mind to it.