Without any visible reason, can a tv screen explode just in front of your face?

Answer Not that I have ever heard of. My ex, however, in front of me smashed our t.v with a hammer and it exploded (or imploded as it would seem) and the glass went everywhere. I was lucky I turned my hea... Read More »

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Does the silver side of a car front window screen face out?

Yes. The silver side of a front window screen is made of a reflective material designed to “bounce” the sun's rays away from the interior of the car. Parked cars with reflective front window sc... Read More »

Is a laptop screen visible outdoors?

While you can see a laptop screen outdoors, sunlight may reduce visibility so much that it makes work difficult. If you frequently work in the Sun with your laptop, consider purchasing a laptop des... Read More »

I want my two front teeth visible a lil while talking.?

The best I can say would be to smile just a little while talking, it will pull the lips back just enough to possibly see them, but it is not a for sure solution or treatment.

How can you stop your messages just appearing on your front screen you would sooner your phone just notifying you that you have messages you do not want your messages on your front screen please help?

Jailbreak:Step 1. Update to 4.0.1 or download firmware belowiPhone 3gs 4.0.1:,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipswiPhone 3g 4.0.1: Read More »