With your roasted or rotisserized chicken,do you prefer red or white wine?

Answer Hi Gabe, I don't like wine,but a nice cold amber beer would be nice..If your cooking those gay chickens,which is playing the girl,and which is playing the boy???..Hummm..Past on the Chicken,but bri... Read More »

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Do you prefer red wine or white wine?

I Like a Good Red, Not the Cardboard Red :)

Which do you prefer, red or white wine?

I don't drink a lot of I go for cheap. Also I prefer dessert wines. I like Asti's, Spumantes, Rieslings and also a Gewurztraminer.

Do you like red or white wine with your meals.?

I like red wine with food, and white wine to get drunk. Sometimes, white wine is more suitable though, like when your eating white fish or pasta with a creamy sauce, the acidic crispness of a good ... Read More »

What do you prefer with pizza: wine, beer, or cola?

an ice cold pepsi. that hits the spot when you eat pizza. you just feel so refreshed after that first swallow.