With this camrecorder (link in the description), could I record nice amateur movie?

Answer For what you want yeah, it's a good camera for cheap, but nice videos. And you don't have to add that BGM to videos probably, and when you get it, make me a video of a bunch of fat people running t... Read More »

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Could this computer record with an HD PVR?

This caught my eye as I have exactly the same AIO except graphics are integrated (no separate graphics card) and Win 7 is Home Premium - which includes Windows Media Center which can very effective... Read More »

How can I download this video (link in description) to my computer?

I could do with some NICE advice.?

Try not to notice what you do. And instead of tearing yourself down, try looking for the positives in other people. And LET THEM KNOW of these positives, then they'll notice your attitude. Try to c... Read More »

Long shot, but does anyone recognise this movie description?

It's Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. Good flick.