With this camrecorder (link in the description), could I record nice amateur movie?

Answer For what you want yeah, it's a good camera for cheap, but nice videos. And you don't have to add that BGM to videos probably, and when you get it, make me a video of a bunch of fat people running t... Read More »

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How to Make a Good Amateur Movie?

You may not be a Hollywood movie maker, but you can still make quality short films.

Amateur movie making camcorder suggestions?

Well, i would rather advice you to first identify the need for Camcorder. Once you know why you want it you will easily be able to select a Camcorder for you. Even i had a tough time to select a ca... Read More »

How do you hook a camrecorder up to a computer..if it's possible..?

Video Capture/Editing Process* *transfer video files from vcam to computer, i.e., using a program to CAPTURE the video stream from vcam into the PC, EDIT to make the movie, then FINISH movie as a v... Read More »

How can I download this video (link in description) to my computer?