With regard to software, what is a contract number?

Answer It would have nice to know which SPSS that you are referring to. So I am going to assume that it is the SPSS, Data Mining, Statistical Analysis Software, Predictive Analysis, Predictive Analytics,... Read More »

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Can i get two cell phones with the same phone number on one contract?

It is not possible to have two separate cell phones using the same phone number. Regardless of whether they are with the same carrier or with different carriers, it is not legal. As an option, you ... Read More »

What is the relevance of mitochondria with regard to cancer?

The mitochondrias primary role is to provide 90% of the cells energy in the form of ATP. This is a vital part of how we heal damaging tissue and all other types of energy and cellular respiration.... Read More »

What does LCD mean with regard to televisions and monitors?

LCD means Liquid Crystal Display. It is an adnavced technology that improves viewing experience. You can read more about it here:

What Are the Duties of an Employer With Regard to Empoyee Rights?

A healthy relationship between an employer and his employees is crucial to the success of any business. Employers have various responsibilities in relation to their employees. The law clearly stipu... Read More »