With out having to take it apart is there a way to...?

Answer The faceplate obvious does not fit with an air tight seal and the moisture leaked in. Likewise, if you don't care how long it might take, if you place the watch in a very dry environment for a very... Read More »

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If you are 38 weeks with first pregnancy contractions 3 minutes apart lasting 70 seconds and dilated at a 2 with 80 effaced will labor come soon after having two cervatals?

Answer If your contractions are three min. apart then you probably already are in labor especially if you are already dilated and 80% effaced. If the contractions aren't regular then you aren't in... Read More »

Is there a device that will take your contacts out without you having to use your fingers to take them out?

I've been wearing contacts for 20 years and I've never heard of anything.If you are having trouble removing them, try putting wetting/lubricating drops into your eyes just before you take them out.... Read More »

How to Take Apart a Door Knob with a Push Button Lock?

Door knobs can be a hassle, especially when the lock is not functioning properly. Many have had the experience of being stuck inside a bathroom or other space with a stubborn knob, or being unable ... Read More »

Is there a natural alternative to help with sleep at night My poor friend hasn't slept for days and apart?

I feel for your friend- But,I have the same problem.I'm a 37yr.old female.And I have Insomnia really bad.I've had a sleep study done.But,nothing I've tried has helped.I've tried- Reading,Simply Sle... Read More »