With or without makeup?

Answer You look gorgeous in both pictures!!!! Im jealous! but i mean you don't have to almost completely give up makeup if you like it!! I mean i think i wear just as much makeup as you and i'm 14... pers... Read More »

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Better with or without makeup? look too done up in the second picture

Do I look better with or without makeup?

im no homo but you look stunning without makeup.everyone at some point feels insecure.if you really are that insecure you can always go slow and cut down makeup by makeup after month by month(:

Prettier with or without makeup (Pictures)?

You look adorable without makeup and gorgeous with makeup, so it depends on what look you're going for =)You seriously are freaking adorable/gorgeous, though, haha.

Do i look better with or Without Makeup (Pic)?

The second picture with a little makeup is pretty.I like the first two better than the last one though.