With my video camera, How can I see through clothes?

Answer you can't, pervert.

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How do i make my camera see through clothes or items?

You can order the x-ray glasses (I used to see these ads in my old comic books).

How can I edit video footage through my digital video camera on my computer?

You should have FireWire on both (it's an Apple invention) and should have no problems between the Mac and the Handicam with that FireWire cord ($25).Some Handicams did STREAM video and thus you sh... Read More »

Which is better to buy a camera with a video recorder or a camcorder with a camera?

It really does depend on what the intended primary purpose of the camera is, still or video pictures.Manufactures are wise (for their sake) not to make a camera that is as equally good at video as ... Read More »

Does anyone know of a video-camera that can zoom in 300 feet or so and see through blinds?

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