With google gone what next?

Answer What are you talking about exactly? Google isn't going to disappear anytime soon, nor within the next 5 years.EDIT: That's iGoogle...Google is still there. iGoogle is more like a personalized front... Read More »

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Poll : Have you ever gone on Google Earth and played with the flight simulation?

I accidentally hit a shortcut and now the Google search bar of the google toolbar is gone?

just add new google toolbar on your IE…

Is google going to be not integrated with the next iPhone 5 or iOS 6 ?

I called apple a month ago and mentioned to him that i was waiting for the iphone 5 and he said that their contract with google will expire and it might not also have youtube but apple is looking i... Read More »

Just sprayed some weed B Gone and wondering what happens next?

Give the Weed & Feed to your worst friend.Apply a broad leaf and grassy pre-emergent ASAP.Once the night time temperature is above 70 degrees, start fertilizing.Mow every 4-5 days, water deeply, an... Read More »