With everyone switching to digital, is there any point in buying film anymore?

Answer Well count me out as one switching to digital. I still love the look of film and the ease of shooting with my vintage Minolta film cameras. Plus, after I get my prints back (usually in an hour or l... Read More »

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What's the point of buying a luxurious car anymore, when everyone has them now?

to show off money just wait the price will rise on them, and there nice cars its good to think that people can afford nice cars and were not poor and starving, 17's are getting jobs pay is going up... Read More »

Have you ever gotten to a point where you just don't care anymore?

That literally describes this entire year for me. I stopped caring about school - which is why my grades suck ballsI stopped caring about my friends - I lost a lot of themI stopped caring about...p... Read More »

Is their a point in having a home phone anymore.?

Actually I think having a home phone is a good idea for many reasons: -more reliable then a cell phone-the cell phone battery dies pretty quickly, land phones don't, or never do at all if its a wir... Read More »

Is there any chance polaroid film anymore?

That Depends on the Film type. If you have type 600, SX-70 or spectra type camera then you are lucky. Impossible project group make film for these cameras. Cost per shot will be $3 but still you ha... Read More »