With all the talk of a possible future global influenza pandemic, how are you getting prepared?

Answer There is very little chance of a global influenza pandemic now due to all of the attention that it is getting by the medical outfits of the world and the CDC. It is true that if a human transmissib... Read More »

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Are Influenza vaccines prepared from blood products?

Can you flash a Verizon global droid to straight talk?

yes, you need to get the phone unlocked, then you can install a Straight Talk SIM card, and it will work fine.

How to Talk to a Cancer Survivor About Their Medical Future?

A great philosopher, Balzac, said: You only live twice - once when you are born and once when you see death in its face. Add to this another great wisdom from the Bhagvat Gita: Wise person grieves ... Read More »

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