With a provisional license can you drive your siblings?

Answer Sean John Combs has 3 siblings: Keisha (adopted, an actual 1st cousin); LaTanya (living in Florida) and Keila (N.Y).

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Can you drive siblings with a provisional license?

Yes, you can if there is no other transportation for the sibling.And it depends where. If to a school, you need a note from Principal. Other places would require a note from parent or guardian.

Can I drive in Switzerland with an Australian provisional license?

don't think so, my dad's from switzerland and had to get a new one when he moved to australiaalso because they drive on the other side of the road, i guess you'd have to learn all the road rules

Can you drive your siblings around without a note if you just got your drivers license under the age of 18?

Why is it important to follow the rules and restrictions on your provisional license in California?

California requires all minor's wishing to obtain a driver's license take part in the graduated license program. After receiving a permit, teens get a provisional license once they pass a road exam... Read More »