With a DSLR, is what you see in the viewfinder, what you get?

Answer I'd say it was definitely the wheel next to the viewfinder that had it set to a view that did not match your eyesight. I wanted to tell you also that if you're shopping for a DSLR then you are goi... Read More »

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DSLR Viewfinder question.?

It's an eyecup, you can find it at the bottom of the page.…

What Dslr Camera do you recommend for a newbie and what are the cheapest Dslr cameras?

The Canon Rebel XS and Nikon D3100 are both around $500-$600 and are very good cameras if you can't afford much. The links to their specs are down below. Make sure it fits your criteria before you ... Read More »

What is the best DSLR and WHY Can you pls tell me some of the specifications in comparisson to other DSLR.?

Check first the other person opinion or suggestion then decide for yourself.GOOD LUCK.

What is a viewfinder camera?

Viewfinder cameras have a window to view and focus the scene being photographed. It was common in 35mm cameras until the single-lens reflex format became widely used. Larger format cameras also use... Read More »