With Microwaves?

Answer Hi Froggie,It is a big mystery, the manufacturers make them that way to confuse you and freak you out.Damn those microwave manufactures :o)

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Microwaves am I the odd one out ?

Good for you for daring to be different, cooking your way and not just following the masses.I wouldn't be without my conventional oven for bread, baking, jams, chutneys and anything that takes a li... Read More »

Are GE microwaves good?

On One Hand: Many Consumers Love Their GE MicrowavesGeneral Electric has manufactured many varieties of microwave ovens, and the majority get high marks from consumers on Of the 10... Read More »

Are cheap microwaves bad?

No I had a cheap microwave. It was still a good microwave

Can microwaves dry off phones?

Ok. First off sticking your iphone into a microwave is a big no no. thats what causes in home fires. Rice works I have heard, but you are supposed to use uncooked rice in a bag. RAW RICE, I would l... Read More »