With AVG free, how do you get rid of what is in the warnings tab after a scan?

Answer Do what it says to do. Quarantine or delete (or heal, whatever). If its something you know is safe, then click ignore.

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I scan my computer with Avira Complete Scan and There is 11 Warnings What should i do?

It seems that your computer is not infected but you have several programs that are corrupted. I would try reinstalling those programs that aren't functioning if I were you.Start with that TuneUp Ut... Read More »

How do i get a free registry clean up with free scan and avoid paying for registration to fix it?

CCleaner is probably your best bet - which you can get from http://www.ccleaner.comHowever, if you're looking to make your PC run faster or to stop errors, I would stay clear of CCleaner because it... Read More »

After installing AVG anti virus free download i did a scan and it found one trojan horse.?

along with AVG i suggest you install Spybot - Search & Destoy. Spybot is efficient in cleaning up Trojans, spywares and adwares. AVG scans and detects but sometimes fails. Along with these two a re... Read More »

Is there a free product that will clean my pc without having to pay after scan?

Programs that promise to scan your PC and fix errors almost never work and certainly aren't worth paying for.Ones that claim to clean up your tracks for security reasons always miss something.If yo... Read More »