With 2 HDs, which one contains files on desktop?

Answer By default, when you save you file to the desktop, it will store on the SSD. You may want to override the default location by following this process1. Click the Windows Icon (Lower left), Click Co... Read More »

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On my desktop, i can send files via bluetooth to other bluetooth devices but why do i can't receive any files?

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How to Play 3Gp Files on Your Desktop PC?

The 3GP file format is used mainly for video storage and playback on cell phones, PDAs and other 3G device. Due to their small sizes, 3GPs are also good for uploading video to the Internet. While t... Read More »

Are desktop files stored in the RAM?

The hard drive, not the RAM, stores desktop computer files. System memory, however, does store the files of programs currently in use. That is why computers with more memory run multiple applicatio... Read More »

Where are desktop wallpaper files stored?

Windows XP and later Windows operating systems store wallpaper files in the “Wallpaper” directory in the “Web” directory of the “Windows” directory of the hard drive where Windows is in... Read More »