Witch is more 128mb or 2gb amd my how much exactly?

Answer Perhaps it will help to express both in the same base, as mb.128mb and 2,000mb, so 2gb (2,000mb) is about 16 times more than 128mb.By the way, "witch" is a female sorcerer, "which" is the interroga... Read More »

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My PC has 128MB RAM.can i replace the 128MB RAM with a 512 MB RAM card?

well your motherboard is the sole question.some are too old to handle too much.i'd say you might be able to though if you couldnt, you could try 256mb.make sure to get the right kind as well, and d... Read More »

How much is 128MB?

Space is relative for computers. An average program can easily take up 40MB. Old MP3 players came in 128MB sizes and could hold about 42 average-sized songs. Hard drives, MP3 players and flash driv... Read More »

I have 128mb of dedicated ram.. Enough for GW2?

are you sure you are passing minimum requirement for laptop?website states desktop requirement and laptop performs about half or less than half of desktopand recommended requirement isn't low for l... Read More »

How many songs fit on a 128mb mp3 player?

A 128Mb mp3 player can hold around 30 songs if, on average, each song lasts 4 minutes and is recorded at 128Kbps.Source:Rio Forge 128 MB Sport Player