Witch is better for a 12 year old girl Myspace or Facebook?

Answer Neither, to many weird ppl on BOTH sights, nothing is PRIVATE!

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Witch do u think is better myspace or facebook?

facebook because myspace is boring now. I go on there only for the sake of music. And now myspace is covered with like 10 years old and everything !!

Myspace or Facebook For a 12 Year old?

honestly, its there call. if you wannna have something theres no stopping you, but the purpose of a 12 year old with a facebook or myspace its pretty much not needed at that age. All they really do... Read More »

Why do parents tell their 12 year olds that they can't have a Myspace/Facebook?

Cuz they think strangers and old people are gonna get our address... and rape us and stuff like that. and other things

What do you think about myspace for a 12 year old 7th grade girl?