Witch do u think is better myspace or facebook?

Answer facebook because myspace is boring now. I go on there only for the sake of music. And now myspace is covered with like 10 years old and everything !!

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Witch is better for a 12 year old girl Myspace or Facebook?

Neither, to many weird ppl on BOTH sights, nothing is PRIVATE!

Facebook or Myspace........?

facebook.myspace is for the older people, and those who have bad grades in school lolz

Is it okay to not have a myspace or facebook?

Its socially acceptable. I dont have one and have no intention of ever getting one. Good for networking and making friends perhaps but so is the real world ;)

What is better, MySpace or Facebook?

Facebook. I think its a little more mature and for older people in college and stuff, while myspace is for middle schoolers and some high schoolers.