Witch do u think is better myspace or facebook?

Answer facebook because myspace is boring now. I go on there only for the sake of music. And now myspace is covered with like 10 years old and everything !!

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Witch is better for a 12 year old girl Myspace or Facebook?

Neither, to many weird ppl on BOTH sights, nothing is PRIVATE!

Which do you think is better : Facebook, or Myspace?

Myspace or facebook which one do u think is better?

Having had both a Myspace and Facebook at one point, they both have their benefits.When I was younger (14-20) I used Myspace to communicate with friends. It offers great access to music, videos, an... Read More »

Is facebook or myspace better?

It all depends upon what you're looking for:Both let you play games, post statuses, write notes or blogs, post photos, comment, join groups and networks, etc, etc.Some people feel Facebook is more ... Read More »