Witch One Of These 2 TVs Should I Get?

Answer WAIT..... Don't buy EITHER ONE.I CANNOT recommend either of them....You need to at least step up to something with A GOOD name on it.... LG, Hitachi, Samsung....You are going to GET screwed if you ... Read More »

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Witch camera should I get?

Witch Keyboard Should i Get for Gaming?

I have heard only good things about the g110.

Witch desktop pc case should I get?

The Logisys looks cool but having all the wires in them they don't look so great. If you plan on changing around hardware a lot they tend to strip out because it is all acrylic. So it is not a good... Read More »

Witch kitchenAid mixer attachment should I buy?

First of's WHICH. A witch flies around on a broom!Secondly, it is a very subjective question. If you make and eat a lot of pasta, get the pasta roller attachment. If you eat a lot of ic... Read More »