Wisdom tooth removed-when can I eat potato chips?

Answer Wait about a week or so. When I had my wisdom teeth out and went back for my follow up after they were removed, the hygienist told me to eat what I felt comfortable eating but to avoid crunchy che... Read More »

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Wisdom tooth removed?

Please talk with your dentist / oral surgeon about this ASAP as it may be a sign that you have an infection, & that can be very serious.In March I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed & had excruci... Read More »

Should i have my one wisdom tooth removed?

As a precaution, yes, remove it as soon as possible, it can affect your other teeth' positioning or can get infected easily and thus cause problems for your other teeth.

Can you have a wisdom tooth removed without having stitches?

I have had all my wisdom teeth removed and have never had stitches (Sweden). They were all removed in the same way by different dentists. Local anaesthetic followed by brute force pulling (sounds a... Read More »

Have you had a wisdom tooth removed Did it hurt much?

Had all 4 removed at once under general anaesthetic. It hurt for about three days but was OK if I took painkillers. It's not that bad. The worst part of it was looking like the elephant man for a w... Read More »