Wisdom teeth extraction problem 2 weeks later?

Answer You may have broken the socket. It takes a good month + for that to compleyely close. Is there not a nurse line they gave you to call in case of a situation like this? I wouldnt worry too much. ... Read More »

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Wisdom tooth extraction 3 weeks later concern?

HiThe stitches should have been out after a week, go back to the dentist and get them to take a look. Good luck

How many weeks should I wait till I could eat tough food after wisdom teeth extraction?

i am shockd to khow that your wisdom teeth sockets which you called holes are still open. It should not happen actually.these holes gets filled or covered by gums in 2 weeks not more than that. But... Read More »

Is it normal for your teeth to hurt after wisdom teeth extraction?

How painful is wisdom teeth extraction?

Honestly, it depends on how you respond to pain. I only had local, but they had to re-numb as the anesthetic wore off part way through due to my metabolism. I didn't have pain during the extracti... Read More »