Wisdom teeth cheeks swollen?

Answer I had mine out Wednesday. The swelling was the worst and day 2 for me. I went back to tge Dentist due to all the swelling, and he put me on a steroid and told me to take advil as well and it help... Read More »

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Why are your cheeks hard and hot after you got your wisdom teeth removed 3 days ago?

Because that's how life works..! Really I mean are you dying?? STFU quit bitching and get a life

How do you make the swelling in your cheeks go down after you pulled your wisdom teeth?

This is bruising. Cold packs might help, and sucking on ice cubes. Otherwise it is just a matter of time.AnswerSwelling occurs after a tough wisdom tooth extraction, especially if it was located in... Read More »

Treatment for infection after wisdom teeth removal- puffy cheeks?

It is better to consult the same dentist who has removed the wisdom teeth !

My kids got there wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and they are so swollen. wow they did not tell me all this.?

Everybody responds differently. You are doing everything correct. Just keep the pain meds going and keep making soup, mashed potatoes, milk shakes, etc.