Wisconsin Schools for Ultrasound Technicians?

Answer As an ultrasound technician, you operate the ultrasound machine and provide the best images possible for the doctor. Ultrasound operates by sending high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and ... Read More »

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How much are ultrasound technicians paid?

Ultrasound technicians fall under the category of medical sonographers. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in May of 2008, the average annual salary was $62,660 and the average hourly... Read More »

Information About Ultrasound Technicians?

Ultrasound technicians utilize devices that emit high frequencies to create images of internal organs. The use of this ultrasound equipment is noninvasive, and it is sometimes referred to as sonog... Read More »

Online Colleges for Ultrasound Technicians?

Online programs that offer ultrasound technician courses provide students with the necessary skills required to enter into clinical ultrasound careers. Since applicants must first possess associate... Read More »

What Are the Core Classes Needed for Ultrasound Technicians?

Ultrasound technology uses reflected sound to project an image onto a screen, and an ultrasound technician is the professional who interprets these images. Ultrasound technicians use ultrasound tec... Read More »