Wiring for a Ford 302 Alternator?

Answer Wiring the alternator for Ford's 302-cubic-inch engine is a fairly simple task, particularly when compared to the alternators used on other engine designs, perhaps because the 302 was created in th... Read More »

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Wiring for an Alternator on GM?

The three-wire alternator used by General Motors has been around for a long time and was used in all cars and trucks for several decades. It is available in several models, with amperage ratings of... Read More »

Typical Alternator Wiring?

Alternators produce electricity to power electrical devices and to charge batteries. Voltage and amperes varies, depending on the type and its purpose, but car alternators are usually 13 to 15 volt... Read More »

How Do You Hook Up Wiring to an Alternator?

The vehicles alternator is designed to generate current. The standard alternator uses a three-wire system that connects the alternator to the battery as well as to the ignition and fault light. It ... Read More »

3-Wire Alternator Wiring Instructions?

Alternators provide an important duel function: They produce electricity to charge your battery and operate the electrical equipment in your car. Alternator wiring is easier than in the past due to... Read More »