Wireless connection from hp printer to mac book pro?

Answer when two devices talk to one another without a router involvedthen they have to pay attention to some details.they have to operate in AD-HOC mode(both of them)they each need to allocate an IP to th... Read More »

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How do i set up the connection back up to a wireless printer with a wireless router?…

How to Set Up a Wireless Printer Connection?

Wireless printing can be extremely useful. Printers that can be networked come with either a network adapter (which can be simply directly plugged into a wireless router), or a wireless adapter (in... Read More »

How to Convert My Printer into a Wireless Connection?

Hello,A printer can be designed to connect wirelessly with a device from which you wish to print. However, printers are not capable of doing the job of a router. A router is a device designed to ma... Read More »

How do i connect hp deskjet printer to a wireless connection without usb cable?

go to their website and download the drive for your printer and once you have it just follow the directions from there; gives you instructions to go wireless and other stuff based on your printer.... Read More »