Wireless computer mic?

Answer are you especially search for wireless or are you also fond of bluetooth? There are many great bluetooh mics and headsets in the market and they are getting cheaper and cheaper

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Will a wireless router sync to direct TV when it is connected to a desktop computer that doesn't have a wireless card?

4kids is on channel 46 a.k.a. WXCW beginning at 7am. I couldn't find the answer anywhere so I had to look for it myself.

Do you have to have a wireless card to connect a desktop computer to a wireless router?

Yes, the wireless card is what picks up the signal from the router.

Can I Upgrade My Wireless Routers Firmware From a Wireless Computer?

The firmware on a wireless router is somewhat like its operating system. Without this firmware, the router is not able to function as needed. Firmware is actually software stored electronically in ... Read More »

Can my non-wireless computer work with a wireless router?

On One Hand: It can with a cableA computer that was not designed to connect to a wireless network (i.e. without Wi-Fi capability) will simply lack the hardware that is necessary to communicate with... Read More »