Wireless Receptor?

Answer If your pc has a wireless adapter built in then it will pick up the signal, however if not you will have to buy one to plug in like you said.The range of most wireless routers normally easily can b... Read More »

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Receptor Cell Definition?

A receptor cell reacts to sensations or stimulus in its environment. For example, receptors cells in the mouth may yield a burning sensation from chili pepper or result in a cooling feeling from p... Read More »

Which part of the eye is a receptor?

The retina is a photoreceptor in the human eye that's composed of photoreceptive cells called rods and cones. Light enters through the pupil; the iris and overall eye geometry then focus the light ... Read More »

What is the receptor for adrenaline release?

Adrenergic receptors - The primary ones are Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2 and Beta 3 receptors

How to Build a Wi-Fi Receptor With a Dish Antenna?

Since the first "cantenna" from a potato chip can sought to strengthen the reach and pull of radio frequencies in the 2.4GHz band, projects use bigger, more optimum means to obtain free Wi-Fi. Perh... Read More »