Wireless Radio Communication?

Answer Without wireless radio communication, the world would be without AM/FM/Satellite radio, walkie talkies, amateur radio and cell phones. Some forms of television work on the same principle as the va... Read More »

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Radio Communication & Its Uses?

Radio waves are short on history (discovered only a century ago), but they're long on use. They were first used early in the 20th century with the invention of the telegraph. During World War I, th... Read More »

Military Radio Communication?

According to the Today's Military website, communications between land, air, and sea forces of the military are critical in the coordination of both large and small groups of the armed forces. Radi... Read More »

How Communication Is Done Using Radio Waves?

It might seem like magic when you turn on your radio and music suddenly pops on, but it's not. The conversion of sound waves to electronic waves and back into sound waves is a complicated but nearl... Read More »

What FCC License Is Required for Radio Communication?

The Communications Act of 1934 authorized the Federal Communications Commission to regulate wired and radio wave communication. The FCC divides the radio wave spectrum into bands to be used for spe... Read More »