Wiping a Hard Drive Completely?

Answer .What you need is a file deletion programme, in essence all this does is write a random sequence of 1s and 0s to the disc completely eradicating all files. Go to this link where you can get free do... Read More »

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Wiping a Hard Disk Clean: How to Completely Erase a Hard Disk Drive?

If only it were as easy as deleting all your files and emptying the recycle bin, you could wipe a computer clean easily in a few minutes. Unfortunately, doing so just makes your personal and busine... Read More »

Can you install Windows XP without wiping the hard drive?

You can install Windows XP without wiping the main hard drive, according to Gina Trepani of However, if you are reinstalling the program to remove viruses or delete files, those ite... Read More »

Does wiping your hard drive clear old data?

Wiping your computer's hard drive of sensitive files and information is never as easy as most users think. Deleting a file or an email only hides the deleted information in recoverable areas on yo... Read More »

COMPLETELY wipe hard drive?

YES! they really work so you best make sure you're running it on the correct pc or you're shlT outta luck. If you are seriously concerned about any of these situations, then consider drilling open ... Read More »