Wipe the ads off of my computer?

Answer If the ads have the title "Ads not by Facebook" or "Ads Not by whatever site you are on" that means they are being inserted by an adware / malware program. To get rid of it, first uninstall any bro... Read More »

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Is it OK to put a phone near a computer Will it wipe all the data from the computer?

yes it is OK to put a phone next to a computer and no it will not wipe anything off it... where did you get such an idea?

How to Wipe a Computer?

Wiping a computer means removing everything--operating system, programs, and files--from the hard drive. To figure out how to wipe a computer, first determine what the hard disk is going to be used... Read More »

How to wipe out a computer?

Start by backing up all data you want to save. I say again back up all data you want to save. One of the easiest and my personal favorite ways to do this is. Start by restarting the computer. Hit F... Read More »

How to Wipe & Restore a Computer?

Often a virus infection or missing critical system files will make computers run slowly or not at all. Although certain Windows recovery features allow you to recover missing files and many good an... Read More »