Winter Landscape Bushes & Plants?

Answer In the past, gardens were expected to sleep during the winter, but with careful design, there can be vibrant plants of interest year round. Start by focusing on every part of your plants. Place tho... Read More »

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How to Landscape With Holly Bushes?

Holly bushes are ornamental plants, known for their waxy, spiny leaves and seasonal berries. Evergreen holly bushes are popular in residential landscapes, providing interest and color, even on the ... Read More »

Winter Flowering Bushes?

Winter doesn't have to be the death of your garden. Even when most plant life is dormant and many outdoor spaces are bleak and bear, it's possible to enjoy color and life in your own garden beds. F... Read More »

How do you prepare blueberry bushes for winter?

Most blueberry bushes can withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the Northwest Berry and Grape Information Network, some blueberry breeders in the northern United Sta... Read More »

How do I cover rose bushes for winter?

Rose BushesObtain chicken wire or a sturdy cloth material that will stand 18-inches tall. Place and secure the wire or cloth completely around your rose bush. Fill the inside of your protective col... Read More »