Winter Class Activities?

Answer Children can get restless in the winter -- and so can teachers. However, there are plenty of engaging winter activities that will keep everyone entertained indoors. Winter crafts such as chalk draw... Read More »

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Top 10 Winter Activities?

Winter brings cooler weather and, for many parts of the United States, snow and ice. Cold and snow means a whole different set of activities than when the weather is hot and sunny during the summer... Read More »

Fun Winter Activities for Preschoolers?

Winter often keeps preschoolers indoors for longer than they would be in warmer weather, so use the extra time inside to work on winter-themed activities. Kids who do not live in cold climates will... Read More »

Winter Calendar Kid's Activities?

Winter is the time of year when kids start to feel as if they are pent up inside and need some way to release their energy. In the winter children tend to do less while eating and sleeping more. Ke... Read More »

Activities for Preschools in Winter?

When the days grow short and the sky turns gray, preschoolers are bound to get antsy. Plan plenty of activities that will keep them entertained or you'll have a crowd of grouchy children on your ha... Read More »