Winter Car Non-Water Cleaning?

Answer Winter is a chilly season to be spraying cold water on your car, when doing so could possibly freeze your doors and windows shut. But sometimes you need to get the salt and road grit off your car t... Read More »

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Winter Car Cleaning?

While a car can get dirty any time of year, winter is particularly hard on a car. This is because road salts and the contaminants found in most snow can damage a car's paint job and metal underbody... Read More »

Is it possible for a black winter vinyl pool cover to superheat the air and the pool water and cause the water to evaporate?

Answer The water is going to evaporate at some rate with or without a cover. You need to add water to the pool at least once per week. Evaporation rates without a cover would be close to 1.5" per ... Read More »

Cleaning piercing with water?

Soap can cause build up and block out oxygen from getting to your piercing. Plus you should never touch your piercing or put a towel to it. You're transferring bacteria to your piercing...although ... Read More »

When would you shut off outside water before winter?

You would shut off water in the last few weeks of autumn before the first frosts of winter to prevent a frozen pipe.