Winrar password .. can it be cracked?

Answer Yes it can be cracked and opened in a matter of minutes but I doubt a service rep would go nosing around in your private files and folders unless he has reason to suspect you are harbouring pornogr... Read More »

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How to Decrypt Password Protected Winrar/Rar Files with RAR Password Unlocker?

Almost everyone met with password protected WinRAR file. For example, you have downloaded movies or something else from torrent or rapidshare, and when you try to open the downloaded file, it appea... Read More »

How to Put a Password on Winrar?

WinRar is a file compression program that lets you compress and store files in a variety of compressed formats, such as the ZIP and RAR file formats. When you create a file archive with this progra... Read More »

How do I set a password for WinRar?

WinRar is a utility program that allows users to open and create .rar files. These files can be password-protected, which can keep them private even when they're stored on public sharing sites. Ra... Read More »

Can you erase a password in WinRAR?

No. It is only possible to remove the password from an archive with WinRAR if you know the correct password for the archive. Use the password to extract the archive, then create a new archive with ... Read More »