Wine Refrigerator Problems?

Answer A wine refrigerator simplifies wine storage and ensures that your bottles are kept at an optimal temperature. If you open a bottle of wine from the wine refrigerator and discover that it is warmer ... Read More »

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What temperature do you store red wine in a wine refrigerator?

The best storage temperature for red wine, according to Better Tasting Wine, is between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 16 degrees Celsius). This helps the wine age properly while preserving th... Read More »

Is Burgundy Wine Better Out of the Refrigerator?

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How long does opened wine keep in the refrigerator?

Once a bottle of wine has been opened, it should be consumed within several hours. Upon opening a bottle of wine, you allow air into the bottle, which speeds the aging process. Store open, re-corke... Read More »

How to Store Cigars in a Wine Refrigerator?

Cigar aficionados have been pairing their favorite cigars with wine for years. Pairing the right wine with a cigar can bring out the flavors in both. In addition to this, there is another way wine ... Read More »