Windshield Replacement Procedures?

Answer Windshield replacement is an unfortunate aspect of owning an automobile. Small dings and cracks can quickly spread, disrupting your vision and weakening the integrity of the auto glass. Full covera... Read More »

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If your insurance paid for a windshield replacement in January will they pay for another windshield in November?

Answer I appologize first for my English language.With reference to the question above: in my country, Romania, when the car is covered by insurance, the insurance society pays for the repairs, pro... Read More »

Jetta Mirror Replacement Procedures?

Cracked, broken or otherwise damaged mirrors on your Volkswagen Jetta are a big problem, as they prevent you from seeing what's behind you while driving. Whether it's an outside mirror on the door ... Read More »

Replacement Procedures for a Grand Am Alternator?

The Pontiac Grand Am uses an alternating generator to produce electrical power for recharging batteries and running the engine and accessory equipment. Over time, the internal bearings or bushings ... Read More »

Camshaft Sensor Replacement Procedures?

The camshaft position sensor tells the computer what position the camshaft is in, and the computer calculates ignition and fuel injection timing from this signal. The symptoms of a faulty camshaft ... Read More »