Windshield Glass Treatments?

Answer While most people are content with simply using windshield wipers, applying a rain-repellent treatment to your car's windshield can improve visibility during inclement weather. Wiper blades are sti... Read More »

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Windshield Rain Treatments?

Poor visibility is one cause of automobile accidents. Rain, snow and nighttime conditions contribute to poor visibility. Windshield rain treatments not only increase visibility by up to 34 percent,... Read More »

How Is Windshield Glass Made?

The earliest cars provided no protection from bugs and inclement weather. L.S. Millberg reports on that the first ordinary glass windshields shattered on impact, risking serious injury t... Read More »

DIY Replacement of Windshield Glass?

If you need to replace the windshield glass in your vehicle, this will take at least two people. Also, the exact shape and size of the glass you need will vary, and some precise steps in the replac... Read More »

How to Polish a Glass Windshield?

General wear from the elements can make your windshield dirtier than you might think. Mineral deposits, road oils, pollution and a variety of other agents can leave your glass windshield feeling gr... Read More »